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Online Classes Officially Start

April 6, 2020 11:30AM


Disclaimer: all students have been receiving important updates and instructions via email. It is essential that you check your email for proper instruction and direction. If you are not receiving these emails, please email

All online classes across all programs are scheduled to begin this coming Monday, April 6th! We have received all necessary curriculum approvals, and all of our classroom webinars are ready and waiting for our students to jump into come Monday. We have experienced several equipment order delays due to an increase in demand for video conferencing software, but have received all of the necessary equipment our instructors need. Should any instance delay the start of online classes, we will immediately notify you via email.

If you are planning to participate in online classes you must be logged into your assigned online classroom webinar via zoom for your regularly scheduled program hours. This means that if your regular classes are usually offered at school from 9:00am-4:00pm, you must log into the Zoom application and actively participate in your online classes between those hours. If you are not logged in for the hours assigned, absent hours will accrue for the amount of time that you have missed, rounded to the nearest quarter hour. Instructions to setup and use Zoom have been sent via email.