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2024 Career Fair!

Join us for the upcoming session on July 8th and July 22nd to discover your perfect placement!  Open to all Alumni and Current Students!

Why Shear Ego International School?


Real Learning For The Real World

Real Learning For The Real World

Whereas many average beauty schools aim to teach you only what is required to pass your State Board examination, Shear Ego International School is committed to going above and beyond these norms by immersing you in the rich culture and higher principles of education. Our modern and state-of-the-art facility doesn’t just look and feel like a successful, high-performance salon; it also provides the perfect setting to acclimate you with the day-to-day tasks performed by working professionals in your prospective field. This pairing of higher standards of education and an authentic salon atmosphere are two of the top reasons that Shear Ego International School graduates are considered amongst the most salon-ready in their chosen professions.


Experienced, Award-Winning Instructors

The Shear Ego International School instructors are second to none! As a student at Shear Ego International School, you will be mentored and trained by an acclaimed and highly qualified faculty who are dedicated to cultivating the next generation of elite beauty professionals. Many of our instructors are working professionals who are tuned into ever-changing pulse of today’s modern trends that are shaping the world of beauty. In addition to our accomplished and internationally recognized instructors, Shear Ego International School students are also given the opportunity to attend frequent class demonstrations conducted by local and national guest stylists who share their creative insights and showcase cutting-edge techniques

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A School Founded and Run By Salon Professionals

The Shear Ego International School was founded and is directed by Gene Cardamone, owner of the Shear Ego Salon and Spa and the Men’s Club of Pittsford—two of Rochester’s most esteemed beauty establishments. Mr. Cardamone has served as President of the New York State Beauty School Association and is recognized internationally for his professional and business achievements.

Director of Education Sharon Grace brings over forty years of cosmetology experience to Shear Ego International School as an educator, entrepreneur, independent consultant, speaker, and writer.

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The Most Advanced Student Program Kits

Our commitment to excellence includes our advanced student kits! For each of our programs, an extensive and hand-selected kit full of the highest quality professional tools, equipment, and accessories is provided to each student. Equipped with these premium, salon-grade kits, graduates of Shear Ego International School can enter the workforce with minimal up-front costs.


Our students are trained for so much more than just a job—they are trained for a career! Our placement staff works with students to help them locate the best possible employment opportunities, regardless of the how many years have passed since they’ve graduated.

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Ready. Set. GO!

Ambition is the first step to success—the second step is action! If you are ready to start your beauty or barbering career, call us today and come see how the Shear Ego International School can help you turn your passion into your profession!