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Online Classes FAQ

April 6, 2020 11:45AM


Q: What will be taught in online classes?

A: Due to curriculum restrictions from the state’s Education Department and our accreditation agency, online classes will be focused mostly on theory. No practical evaluations will be conducting via distance-based education.

Q: When will online classes be taught?

A: Online classes will be offered in accordance with each student’s regularly scheduled classes. This means that if regular classes are usually offered at school from 9:00am-4:00pm for a student in a full-time program, participating students must log into the Zoom application and actively participate in his or her online classes between those hours.

Q: Will students be able to make up hours?

A: As of this moment, regular makeup hours will only be offered to students in Hairdressing and Cosmetology. Students in Hairdressing and Cosmetology must receive permission from his or her instructor to participate in makeup hours, and will receive an email containing password access to the session(s) that he or she is looking to access to makeup hours during. Should makeup hours for students in other programs become available, students in those programs will be made aware as to when those makeup hours will be.

Q: Will students be able to switch to a different class schedule?

A: Only full time students that are in Hairdressing and Cosmetology will be able to switch to part time schedules, and part time Hairdressing and Cosmetology students will be able to switch to full time schedules. If you a Hairdressing and Cosmetology student and would like to switch your schedule, please complete an addendum to your enrollment agreement by completing the electronic form sent via email.

Q: What happens if students miss online classes?

A: Just as if a student were to miss his or her regularly scheduled class hours during live classes, absent hours will accrue if a student missed scheduled class hours online, rounded to the nearest quarter hour.

Q: What do students need to participate in online classes?

A: In order to participate in online classes, each student will need to have signed up for a free Zoom account, downloaded the Zoom application onto a smart device with a camera and microphone, and his or her own program textbook and workbook(s). Please keep in mind that online classes will run in accordance with each student’s regular program hours, so it is recommended that the smart devices in used to access online lessons are connected to a charger during class. In order to avoid hotspot or data charges, we strongly recommend using a wireless internet network to access Zoom.

Q: What if a student can no longer participate in online classes?

A: Should student circumstances change and cause participation in online classes impossible, students can request leaves of absence. Students placed on a leave of absence will not receive credit for attendance or achievement for the duration of the leave nor will they be charged with the absence hours during his or her leave. The contracted graduation date of students who choose to take a leave of absence will be extended by the number of days of his or her leave. If regular classes have not resumed by the end date listed on a student’s leave of absence request, a student can extend his or leave of absence by completing a new leave of absence request. Leaves of absence must not exceed more than 180 combined days in any 12-month period.

If you are experiencing any issues or have any questions, please feel free to email with any questions or concerns that you may have. We are all looking forward to getting back into the swing of things, and our instructors are looking forward to seeing you!